Sunday, November 29, 2009



"Your... judgement... is... COME!"

The Alien Ghost pulls me backwards with all the tangibility he can muster.

Holding my ground, I wriggle loose and push off The Alien Ghost.


The Universal Custodian reaches for his belt as he floats closer.


A cadre of alien ghosts conspire to bring me back to Purgatory.

As the dark spirits grow closer, I hear nothing but the screams of the damned.

The Universal Custodian pulls out a ring weighted with two hundred keys.

With a start, I bound into the air and wrap my arm around The Custodian's neck.

Spirits scree out of the way, as I pound The Custodian's face into oblivion.


The Cadre attacks with reckless abandon!

Taken unawares, I'm pulled from the Custodian and smashed onto the ground, fist after fist pummeling me with misguided vengeful rage, suffocating me in pain!

I try to regain control, but cannot get free of the lost souls.

As the fists fly, The Universal Custodian redirects his attention to his menagerie of keys, once more, searching for the implement in his mind's eye.

Finally, I thrash the spirits away and pounce for The Custodian.

The Custodian turns his key to open the door in the space-time continuum between he and myself.

Physically unable to stop myself, I rage into the void!

The screams of the lonesome spirits quiet, as the door creaks closed.

A refreshing cold envelops my body.

Floating forward from my own momentum, I grasp for anything that can even slow me, but nothing is visible.

Adrenaline throbbing, I punch and kick with all my rage.

That coward Custodian!

As far as I can see, white nothingness is all I find.

The shreiks of nomad souls has been replaced by a sort of silence I've never heard.

I continue moving, not slowing or speeding faster.

The constant push forward is almost too much to take.

I feel out of control.

I think hard of how I can escape this exile until the white turns to black!

I bang my head and open my eyes.

A blur is all I see. A blur in the abyss.


I hear breathing.

"Who's there?"

The breathing gets faster.

I kick the black blur.


"What's your name?"

I put my arm across his neck and hold his arms behind his back.

"Tell me your name, or I start breaking stuff."

Somehow, he breaks my hold, cracks one of my ribs with his elbow, and uppercuts me.

He lets me drift away, but not too fast.

"We have to stick together!"

He sounds like he might be listening.

"--If we want to get out!"

I can't stop myself from drifting!

I may never get back to another person in this entire dimension, wherever I am!

The Phantom throws me something without saying a word.

I can't make out what it is.

I catch it. A rope.

The Phantom pulls me in.

"With my powers and your help, we can find a way out."

No answer.

"Do you have powers?"

What do I do?!? This guy still won't talk.

Wait! I hear something!

Sounds bestial.

I hear it, again.

What is that?!?

Now, I hear it. My stomach is growling.

I'm sick with hunger!